Support = Survival

Ch: In Young Sohn

"Under the roof"  depicts a roof and a fence that symbolize the concept of "one" or "family" in the individual but also collective sense.  The work examines our relationships with each other, and time.   Different seasons (of the year), different times (in the day, and during our lives), bring a different energy to our encounters and perspectives.   Under the Roof represents home, a place where we rest, wrap our solitude, or can be soothed and  revitalized.


In the course of one day the work unfolds exposing the nature of our collective and individual spirits. 


"Under the Roof" is where we  learn to share (or not), and where it's possible to be supported, to come to know that many hands can help lift loads.  From under the roof we go out into the world, and from under the roof we learn it is possible to achieve the impossible,

 From Under the Roof we receive our sustenance.  


What other things happen under that roof?


Traditional Korean and Irish instrumentation and modern dance converge in a fusion of intricate rhythms, magical imagery and vivid, razor-sharp choreography that make this a

compelling artistic collision of East meets West in music and dance

Premiered Seoul International Performing Arts Festival September 2008

Choreography: In-young Sohn (NOW Dance Co. Korea); Dancers: Jazmin Choidi, Alexandre Iseli, Lise Manavit, Jon Morley, Byung Hwa Kim, Ju-Jin Shin, Min -uyoung Park, Seung Kwan Yoo
Parallel Horizons Original Music: Rory Pierce with Nick Bailey, Il Woo Lee and Bo-mi Kim
Under The Roof Original Music by: Il Woo Lee with Bo-mi Kim, Nick Bailey and Rory Pierce
Costumes: Min Chun Hong ;Lighting Design: Hyung Ho Choi ; Dramaturg: Jae Whan Lee
Set Design: Sung Hee


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