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Ch. Dominique Bagouet (France) Reconstructed
by Les Carnets Bagouet for Dance Theatre of Ireland (1995)

".Strikingly extraordinary mix of content."
Swift, The Irish Times

".the work is all about form, patterns, style and atmosphere.Mozart's music gives the work a neoclassical feel effectively counteracted by the modern music of Tristan Murail."

"DESERTS D'AMOUR and BONEFIRE is the most diverse and enjoyable evening of modern dance for a very long time."
Smith, Evening Herald

".intricate layers of ground controlled choreography that lifts the spirits immensely."

" . where dissonance meets harmony. inventive and subtly assured work of contemporary dance, performed with apposite understated panache by Dance Theatre of Ireland."
MacReamoinn, the Sunday Tribune

Ch. Dominique Bagouet; Music: Tristan Murail/ Mozart K136, 167, 138; Lighting: Jacques Chatelet, Rupert Murray; Costumes: Maritza Gligo; Dancers: Muirne Bloomer, Robert Connor, Justine Doswell, Sean Dwyer, Karim Karim, Jane Price, Liz Roche, Darryl Sheppard and Loretta Yurick. (JJ Formento & Jenny Roach 1996 production)

One of Bagouet's masterpieces in choreographic writing.a work for 9 dancers which was invited to open the 1996 Montpellier International Danse Fesival - transporting us into a world of contemporary baroque.

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