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Ch: Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick

12 Dancers & Musicians, East meets West
A beautiful, visual and sensual feast for the eyes and senses
With Live Music

The making of Parallel Horizons/Under the Roof in Ireland, 5-min documentary

Two cultures, two countries, two peoples whose cultural psyches have been shaped by foreign occupation and rapid economic growth —Ireland and Korea. Parallel Horizons contrasts the stillness and serentiy asssociated wtih Asian and Celtic ways, with the modern obsession, (to compete, to possess, to succeed, survive) with its concurrent busy-ness and hurry.  We can create a chaos of the city and soul that is manifest in another kind of “occupation” and separation-- within and between individuals. A fast flowing  work featuring a Celtic/Korean digital Tiger (accompanied by a 150 year old Korean Harmonica). The opposite of Chaos is Eros, the urge to be together, an ideal, an instinct that remains in our deepest selves. This -- and the poems of Korean Poet Ko Un (Nobel Prize Nominee) “Flowers of a Moment”-- are the background of Parallel Horizons

Parallel Horizons premiered at the Seoul International Performing Arts Festival and was a co production with NOW Dance Company (Korea)

If I lie down, I’ll be done for
An ailing animal
Staying standing all day long
It’s been that kind of day in the world, my dear.

No greed can equal freedom from greed
Apart from that
The petty desires
Of all you ordinary folk
The truth existing between this world and the other

Perpetual movement!
Endless change!
You are all there is left to be enlightened about

Ah, ten years of study—all for nothing

Be on your way
You are the very first, and next after the very first
Go on and on
Viewed in reverse, you are advancing
Baby tongue of a spring narcissus in a snowstorm

In the Korean peninsula there’s buried more longing than coal
Kith and kin scattered 55-60 years ago
A cast-iron DMZ lies between them
To the south of which
To the north of which
Longing is everyone’s full time job

Korean peninsula! Surrounded by longing on all three sides

Someone walking is most beautiful
Meeting and walking together, that’s most beautiful

So long as swallows come flying back
I have a reason to live
So long as the sea
Those swallows cross
Has a southern shore
There’s a reason for waiting for tomorrow

I have a reason for longing for you

Choreography: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurickk; Dancers: Jazmin Choidi, Alexandre Iseli, Lise Manavit, Jon Morley, Byung Hwa Kim, Ju Jin Shin, Min Young Park. Seung Kwan Yu Original Mucic: Rory Pierce; Performed by: Nick Baily, Ill Woo Lee, Bo-mi Kim, Rory Pierce; Lighting: Ron Smith ; Costumes: Nicola McCutcheon ;Digital Scenography: Suzanne Mooney



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