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Soul Survivor

"DTI's foray into the world of multi-media explores what could be the dream life of the ubiquitous Technology Park."

"Robert Connor in his opening solo is all cool precision in front of computer screens and at the service of the Celtic Tiger. Tim Redfern's overhead digital projections could be right out of a U2 concert.non-fiction sci-fi we all have to come to terms with."

".digitally captured human movement projected above and the remarkable non-virtual presences below.all falling and collapsing so eloquently under the weight of the next millennium."

Deirdre Mulrooney/DANCE EUROPE



The 28-minute video of Dance Theatre of Ireland's SOUL SURVIVOR was composed by Tim Redfern, DIT's Digital Media Centre, who provided 3-d graphics for the production.

The Film of Soul Survivor combines digital video of the performance piece with the original graphics and projections to re-create a new kind of theatrical performance on-screen. The projected imagery in SOUL SURVIVOR is composed of 3D computer animation, digitally treated timelapse video, automatically web-gathered imagery and digitally captured human movement (via motion-capture) with Edinburgh Virtual Environment Centre. The projections were composited using a desktop broadcast video workstation.

Soul Survivor, choreographed by Dance Theatre of Ireland's Artistic Directors Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick, was made possible through the support of The Arts Council, DIT's Digital MediaCentre, EDVEC (Edinburgh Virtual Environment Centre) and SANYO. Dancers: Murine Bloomer, JJ Formento, Robert Connor, Olwen Grindley and Robert Jackson; Music: Fran Hegarty & John Ryan; Costumes: Marc O'Neil and Lighting by Mark Galione.


Dance Theatre of Ireland premiere a new production using Digital Technology in September 2001

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