'As A Matter of Fact'
Dance Theatre of Ireland

'As a Matter of Fact' is the title of a new work from Dance Theatre of Ireland which opened last week at the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire and is just about to go on tour.

Conceived, directed and choreographed by Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick, it's notionally about facts but really it offers a much broader look at human society, and the world in general, focusing on themes such as the modern obsession with time management and the threat to the ecosystem.

It does this using a combination of an international cast of dancers, large 3-D projections of verbal and other graphic imagery, specially developed for the work by the Swiss graphics outfit, 'Tenteki', a spoken narration, and original music written and performed live by composer Dara O'Brien.

The view shows an extract from the work performed by dancers Vanessa Spinassa and Karl Paquemar.

(Nov 13 The Watergate Theatre Kilkenny 056 61 674, Nov 20 The Mermaid Theatre Bray 272 4030, Nov 25 Draoicht Blanchardstown 01 885 2522, Dec 01 The Townhall Theatre Galway 091 569 777)