Ch: Charles Cre-Ange, France

CHA-CHA-CHA D'EXIL 457K 14.6 sec

Ch. Charles Cre-Ange & Philippe Saire; Dancers: Blanca Arrieta, Stefano Botto, Niamh Condron, Robert Connor, Peta Coy, JJ Formento and Robert Jackson; Music: Brahim Ferrer, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Leftfield, Cake, The Buena Vista Social Club, Studio XY2, Nat King Cole, Karl Friedrich Aber, Marin Marais and Corelli; Costumes: Marc O' Neill/Charles Cre-Ange; Lighting: Mark Galione/Charles Cre-Ange ; Set Design: Charles Cre-Ange

This production has been made possible with the support of :
The Arts Council, The French Embassy, The Swiss Embassy and The Dublin Corporation

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